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Chromium-molybdenum steel



   Magistral-Stroy supplies products made from chromium-molybdenum steel of US, European and Japanese origin. About 70-80% of extracted molybdenum is applied in alloy steel producing. This element increases heat and corrosion resistance of alloys.
   Chromium-molybdenum steel is applied in iron and steel industry. Molybdenum improves alloying characteristics of chromium that increases wear-resistance properties of stainless steel. It is very important for steel which is used in corrosive environments, such as sea water, or for steel which is applied as a structural material in petroleum and chemical industries.

   Import chromium-molybdenum steel is effectively used for producing oil and gas pipes. We supply import pipelines, valves, pipe fittings and flat metal products of highest quality.
   Our products are of excellent quality, solid, durable and meet international technical standards.

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