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Tubes and Pipes



We supply pipes made in Russia, USA, Europe and Japan. All products conform to the relevant national standards including API, JIS, DIN, and ASTM. 

   Our range of products includes carbon steel pipes, alloyed steel pipes (produced according to DIN, EN and other standards), stainless steel pipes,  pipes made from steel alloys, hot galvanized pipes. We also supply tubes made in stainless steel with special alloying elements (nickel-chromium steel, chromium-molybdenum steel and others). Recommended for safe gas and oil transportation, these pipes have excellent properties. Due to adding definite chemical elements (chromium, marganese, silicium and others) such steel becomes durable, heat and corrosion resistant.

Russian pipes for general service (export) 2"-12" 08X13, 08X17T, 12X13, 12X17, 15X28, 15X25T, 04X18H10, 10X23H18, 08X17H15M3T, 08X18H10, 08X18H10T, 08X18H12B, 08X18H12T, 08X20H14C2, 10X17H13M2T, 12X18H9, 12X18H10T, 12X18H12T, 17X18H9, 08X22H6T
0,197”-10,75” 08X13, 08X17T, 12X13, 12X17, 15X25T, 04X18H10, 08X20H14C2, 10X17H13M2T, 08X18H12B, 10X23H18, 08X18H10, 08X18H10T, 08X18H12T, 08X17H15M3T, 12X18H10T, 12X18H9, 12X18H12T, 17X18H9, 08X22H6T, 08XH28MDT
Line pipes API 5L PSL1 1/2'' – 84'' Grade A, B, X42 - X70
API 5L PSL2 1/2'' – 84'' Grade B, X42 - X120
Pipe for high temperature service ASTM A335 1/4'' – 48''  P1 -  P23 (Grade: a, b, c), P91, P92, P122, P911
ASTM A106 1/8'' – 48''  Grade A, B, C
Heat exchanger and condenser tubes ASTM A179 1/8'' – 3''  
Steel tubes for pressure purposes  JIS G3454 1/2'' – 16'' STPG 370, STPG 410
EN 10216  1/8'' – 28'' P195GH - P265GH, 20MnNb6, 8MoB5-4, 14MoV6-3, 10CrMo5-5, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10, 11CrMo9-10, 25CrMo4, 20CrMoV13-5-5, 15NiCuMoNb5-6-4, X11CrMo5 (+l,  +NT1, +NT2), X11CrMo9-1 (+l, +NT), X10CrMoVNb9-1, X20CrMoV11-1
BS 3059-2  1'' – 6'' 243, 360, 440, 620, 622, 762
ASTM A672 от 16'' A45 - A55, B55 - B70, C55 - C70, D70 - D80, E55 - E60, H75 - H80, J80 - J100, K75 - K85, L65 - L75, N75
ASTM A192 1/2'' – 7''  
Boiler, superheater heat exchanger tubes   ASTM A210 1/2'' – 5'' A1, C
ASTM A213 1/8'' – 5'' TP201, TP202, TP304 - TP348H, TP444, T2 - T24 (Grade: A, B, C), T91, T92, T122, T911, S21500 - S35045, TPXM-15 - TPXM-19, 18Cr-2Mo444
ASTM A214 до 3''   
ASTM A249 1/8'' – 12'' TP201, TP202, TP304 - TP348H, S30615 - S38815, TPXM-15 - TPXM-29, N08367, N08926, N08904
Tubing for general structural purposes JIS G3444 1/2'' – 16'' STK290, STK400, STK490, STK500, STK540
EN 10210-1 1/2'' – 28'' S235JRH, S275 (+J0H, +J2H, +NH, +NLH), S355 (+J0H, +J2H, +K2H, +NLH), S420 –S460 (+NH, +NLH) 
EN 10210-2 1/2'' – 28'' S235JRH, S275 (+J0H, +J2H, +NH, +NLH), S355 (+J0H, +J2H, +K2H, +NLH), S420 –S460 (+NH, +NLH) 
EN10219-1 до 2500 мм S235JRH, S275 (+J0H, +J2H, +NH, +NLH), S355 (+J0H, +J2H, +K2H, +NLH), S420 –S460 (+NH, +NLH) 
EN10219-2 до 500х500мм S275MH, S275MLH, S355MH, S355MLH, S420MH, S420MLH, S460MH, S460MLH
DIN 2448 1/8'' – 24'' St 37, St 44, St 52
ASTM A500 1/2'' – 8'' Grade A, B, C, D
ASTM A519 4-280мм 1008 - 1050, 1518 - 1541, 4130 - 4140, 5120, MT 1010 - MT 1020, MT X1015 - MT X1020,
ASTM A53 1/8'' – 26'' A, B
ASTM A269 от 1/4''  TP304 - TP348, TPXM-10 - TPXM-29, S24565 - S35045, N08367 - N08926
ASTM A312 1/8'' – 20'' TP304 - TP348H, TPXM-10 - TPXM-29, S20400 - S35315, N08367 - N08926
JIS G3460 1/2'' – 24'' STPL 380, STPL 450, STPL 690
ASTM A333 1/8'' – 30'' 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
ASTM A671 от 16'' CA55, CB60 - CB70, CC60 - CC70, CD70 - CD80, CE55 - CE60, CF65 - CF71, CG100, CH100, CJ101 - CJ113, CK75, CP65 - CP75
Coated tubes for general purposes ASTM A787 1/2'' – 15'' 1015, 1016, МТ1015, МТХ1015 
Pipe for special purposes  ASTM A161   Т1, T5, T11
DIN 1629 1/8'' – 8''  St 37.0, St 44.0, St 52.0 
Pipes for general and special purposes with very high quality requirements DIN 1630 1'' – 14'' St 37.4, St 44.4, St 52.4 
DIN 17121 1/8'' – 26'' RSt37-2, St37-3, St44-2, St44-3, St52-3
Tubes for elevated temperatures for general and special purposes  DIN 17175 6-219мм St 35.8, St 45.8, 17Mn4, 19Mn5, 15Mo3, 13CrMo4-4, 10CrMo9-10, 14MoV6-3, X20CrMoV12-1
Precision pipes  DIN 2391 4 - 30мм S215GSiT, S215GAlT, S235G2T, S255GT, S355GT
DIN 2393 50x40-200x160мм St 28 - 52.3, USt 28 – 37.2, RSt 28 -37.2, 
Calibrated precision tubes DIN 2394 10-168,3мм St 28 - 52.3, USt 28 – 37.2, RSt 28 -37.2, 
EN 10305-1 до 380 мм E255, E410, 26Mn5, C35E, C45, 26Mo2, 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 10S10, 15S10, 18S10, 37S10  
EN 10305-2 12-160мм E155, E195, E235, E275, E355
Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems EN 10305-4 4-80мм E215, E235, E355
Pipes for machined automobile and special parts ISO 2938 32x16-250x200мм Grade 1, 2
JIS G3441 1/2'' – 12'' SCr 420 TK,  SCM 415 TK - SCM 440 TK 
JIS G3445 4-38,1мм STKM 11 - STKM 20 (Grade A, B, C)
EN 10294 33,7-203мм E255, 20MnV6

 We offer import pipes and tubes of different types: 
   Depending on requested steel grade:

-   Alloy steel construction tubes which are applied for transportation of non-corrosive gases and liquids
-   Corrosion resistant welded and seamless steel pipes

   Depending on application:

-   Oil and gas line pipes produced from extrastrong steel which is resistant to high and low temperatures, high pressure.  Import highly alloyed steel pipes have advanced reliability for operating in severe service conditions. Using hot formed seamless tubes for gas and oil pipelines is the best choice.  
-   Tubing – pipes for vertical installation for transportation of liquids from well.   Tubing should bear environmental conditions and other external influencing factors; such tubes should be reliable and high tensile. For these purposes it is better to choose seamless steel pipes which are not deformed. Welded tubes are not used for tubing because welding seams are the most vulnerable part of tubes.
API 5CT, API Spec 7 drill pipes. Drill pipes are connected with threaded tool joints. Drill tubes should be butted in order to increase structural ability of pipeline.  All supplied drill pipes are corrosion resistant and its chemical composition includes alloying elements, admixtures (nickel, chromium, molybdenum and others), which are added for corrosion proofing and other essential properties.  

   Besides our company supplies piping components for different equipment (turbines, compressors, reservoirs connectors for production facilities and others). Supplied products are of high quality and conform to international standards ASTM, DIN-EN, JIS and others.

   Thanks to 100% incoming quality control Magistral-Stroy supplies products meeting the requirements of our clients. Steel tubes produced in Europe, USA and Japan are applied for laying pipelines for petroleum production and processing industries, energetic and other industry areas.  

   Tubes are considered to be oversize cargo and they need to be safely transported. Our company provides reliable package and delivery in time with different types of transportation, including air transport. We deliver pipes according to our client’s demand. Our company has solid experience in international carriage of goods and guarantees safe transportation. We also have storage facilities, so you can store your order at our warehouse and then deliver goods to the destination point.
   You can also choose pipe components for pipe laying: steel elbows, bends, flanges and other parts. Piping components made from import high quality steel will provide safe connection, rigid mounting of the constructions.
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