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Pipe fittings



   Magistral-Stroy supplies piping components for tubes produced in Europe (including Italy), USA and Japan.

   Pipe fittings for tubes made in Japan, USA and Europe are produced from high quality ASTM steel. They can be the optimal choice for assembly of pipelines for different purposes, such as petroleum or heat pipes.
   We supply wide range of API 5 L and API 5B pipe fittings, including straight fittings for connecting pipes of the same size, reducing fittings for connecting pipes of different diameter, fittings for tubes with thread and welded pipes.

   Within our product range you can find flanges, fittings for pipe laying, piping components for different equipment and constructions. There are slip-on flanges, plate flanges, weld neck flanges, elbows, sockolets and elbolets, equal and reducing tees, cross tees, nipples, unions, couplings, unions, caps  in our range of supplied products. Made in import high quality steel pipe fittings are stable, durable.  Every product is certified and meets the international standards requirements.

   ASTM steel bends for petroleum pipelines are always in high demand. All fittings provide safe and durable connection of pipes and operating safety in severe climatic conditions.
Reducing and equal tees for pipes are produced from high quality alloy and carbon steel. They are widely used for petroleum pipelines.

   Flanges, steel reducers, tees, ASTM steel bends and other piping components comply with international industrial standards and can be used for pipe laying in Russia.
   If you have questions on range of products or on delivery please call us: +7 812 313 41 95