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Flat steel products



   Magistral-Stroy offers wide range of flat steel products:
  • EN hot rolled plates (rolls, strips, EN thick overlay clad plates, chequer plates, ASTM stainless steel sheets) 
  • ASTM carbon and high-alloy steel plates
   In “Production” section you can choose overlay clad plates produced according to ASTM and EN standards. Depending on the client’s request the plates are covered with protective layers of copper, aluminum, corrosive-resistant steel, which makes the material hard and wear resistant.   
   Overlay clad plates with relevant protective finishing are applied in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, nuclear, shipbuilding and other manufacturing industries.  As a norm cladding layer thickness is about 0.2 -2.0 mm. Protective cover can be applied to one or both sides of the plates. Quantity of protective layers depends on working conditions.  

   You can purchase steel plates, stripes, rolls.

   Steel plates are widely used in building and construction work, mechanic engineering, aircraft engineering (for covering aircraft engines), foe combustors, tubes and others.

   Strips are applied for producing welded pipes, fittings, construction elements.

   Import steel plates are durable, high corrosion resistant, strong and cheap in maintenance.
The plates are supplied directly from manufacturing mills located in USA, Europe and Japan.
   Then the order is delivered from our warehouse in Saint-Petersburg to the destination. Upon your wish we can deliver by automobile or sea transport. 
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