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Rolled metal products



   We offer finished products made from sheet metal. The supplied products are of different form: square, round, hexagonal, rectangular.  Rolled metal products are applied for structural metal sections. 

   Magistral-Stroy supplies:
  • Round bars for axles conforming to  ASME, EN, DIN standards
  • Skin plates and sheets for strengthening of the body of different equipment  
  • Plates for flooring and fencing
  • Steel wire, steel reinforcing cage or nets  
   Steel plates are delivered from Europe, USA and Japan. Depending on the order specification you can apply hot rolled or cold rolled steel plates.  We supply thin and heavy steel plates, hot formed angle bars (applied as elements of metal constructions), round bars (applied for producing parts for different equipment), square bars (used for manufacture of agriculture machinery, cars, in building – beams, channels, shaped tubes with round, square or rectangular section).  Shaped pipes are applied for making robust frameworks, bodies, parts of equipment, and parts of pipelines with no special requirements (f.e. pipes for cables).

   We supply metal products made from material conforming ASTM, EN, DIN. The materials are durable, low-wearing and resistant to corrosion environment. 
   Your order will be delivered directly from the producing mill to our warehouse, which is located in Saint-Petersburg. We provide safe carriage of goods.  Customer pick up is also possible.  

   If you need to get more information about our production range please
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