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Heat-resistant steel



   Magistral-Stroy supplies products made from heat-resistant steel from leading manufacturers – plants located in USA, Europe, Italy and Japan.

   Our range of products includes import heat-resistant steels for production of oil, gas and chemical pipelines, plating for combustors, exhaust sections and engines, materials for producing energy converting machinery and equipment.     

    Steels like all other metals are gradually deformed under high temperature permanent stress and continuous service. Yield strength at high temperatures is one of the main material characteristics when choosing heat-resistant steel. Thus it is known beforehand that metal after operating during 100000 hours  at 500 С° temperature can be increased in length up to 1%.  The second main parameter is tensile strength. Internal stress appearing in metals after some period of time leads to metal failure after reaching yield and fatigue strength limits.  In consideration with strict requirements to such products as plating for combustors, turbine blades, exhaust valves, air-engine covers, boiler tubes and many others, physical and chemical characteristics of metals are very important. In order to increase metal strength different alloying elements are added into import steels, such as chromium, molybdenum, titanium and others.       

    Import steel is certified in accordance with international standards API, ASTM, EN, DIN, UNI, BS, JIS, SAE, MILN, meets the necessary requirements and is resistant to deformations at high temperatures.

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