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Structural steel



   Magistral-Stroy supplies products made from import steel produced in USA, Europe and Japan. Structural steel is widely used in machine building, for example for engine shafts, springs and coil springs, parts for excavators and truck cranes manufacture.

   Structural steel is a low alloy steel containing carbon and alloying elements. It is applied for building high pressure oil and gas pipelines. Structural steel is also used for producing large size welded metal constructions, blast furnaces, air heaters. Structural steel imported by us can be used for manufacturing high pressure vessels, flanges, and steam boiler parts. 

    Alloying steel with silicium and nickel improves its mechanical properties such as heat resistance, durability. Such steel is used for producing bridge welded constructions, wagons and frameworks. Concrete structures are usually reinforced with structural steel. Steel has good weldability without appearing cracks during welding. 

    Magistral-Stroy supplied all types of products made from structural steel such as round, square, hexagon bars, beams, plates, shaped pipes and others. Our products meet requirements of international standards ASTM, API, DIN, EN, AISI.

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