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Steel for high-pressure vessels



   Steel grades for high-pressure vessels comply with special technical requirements: they are high –pressure resistant, heat and corrosion resistant for stable operation in corrosion environment.
   Magistral-Stroy supplies steel materials for producing high-pressure vessels. High-pressure vessels are produced from cone and spherical shells, top and bottom parts are mounted to them with special fasteners.
   You can order plates, pipes, fittings and valves for producing high-pressure vessels with single wall, i.e. stamp-welded, forged, forged-welded etc., or vessels with multiple-layer walls. All materials for high-pressure vessels meet international quality standards such as API, ASTM, EN, DIN, UNI, BS, JIS, SAE, MILN. 
   Our company guarantees reliable package and safe transportation of materials for high-pressure vessels directly from leading US, European and Japanese manufacturers. During transportation we focus on quality packing.  We have storage facilities in Saint-Petersburg that helps to keep your goods safe and deliver them within Russia in short terms.     
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