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Stainless steel



Stainless steel

Our company supplies products made from certified stainless steel produced by leading manufacturers from Europe, USA and Japan. Our products meet standard technical requirements. That ensures secure and durable service in different environments. All products comply with international standards API, ASTM, EN, DIN, UNI, BS, JIS, SAE, MILN.

Stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance properties of products and is applied for service in corrosive environments as water vapor, sea water, salt solutions, acids and others. Thanks to high content of chromium stainless steel is very stable to environmental corrosive influence. Stainless steel also contains other alloying elements in order to increase defensive properties and improve heat resistance.

Depending on chemical composition the supplied steel grades can be divided to several types:

· Chromium steel – with chromium content from 12 up to 18%. They have excellent corrosion resistance. These grades are applied for manufacture of tubes and plates, reinforcing bars, rolled metal products, fittings etc.

· Chromium-nickel – with chromium content from 18 up to 25% and nickel content from 8 up to 20%. Import chromium-nickel steel is good for stamping. Its physical –mechanical properties include reliability, corrosion and heat resistance, easy for machining, durability. Thanks to excellent properties this steel is widely used in different industrial areas such as aircraft, transport, building and construction, petroleum, food and chemical industries.

· Chromium-molybdenum, chromium-manganese and others. Molybdenum increases alloying properties of steel that ensures its durability. Such steel is applied in iron industry, is used as construction material in petroleum and chemical industries.

Stainless steel products are delivered to our warehouse located in Saint-Petersburg directly from manufacturing plants. On the customer’s request the products are delivered to any destination within Russia.

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