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Wear-resistant alloy steel



   We supply structural and high alloy tool steel (with alloying elements content more than 10%), low alloy steel (with alloying elements content less than 10%), and steel with special properties.

Products made from high alloy steel have wear resistance properties at temperatures 600-620 С° and more. High-speed wear resistant steel can be applied for producing cutters, drills, and tools for processing hard metals. 

   Import alloy steel contains additional chemical elements which improve its properties. In contrast with carbon steel alloy steel has better corrosion resistance, hear resistance and durability. Nickel, chromium, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, silicium, wolfram, boron, zirconium, cobalt, phosphorus, niobium, cuprum and others are added as alloying elements.
   Influence of alloying elements on the steel quality:
-Adding nickel and chromium as alloying elements improves mechanical properties, heat resistance, and corrosive environment resistance of metal.
-Manganese increases hardness and impact stress resistance.
-Wolfram improves cutting properties of steel and increases its durability and hardness.
- Silicium protects steel from acids corrosion.
-Titanium increases durability characteristics of metal.  
-Molybdenum both strengthens steel and improves its welding properties. 

    Magistral-Stroy supplies all types of products made from alloy steel such as pipes and pipe fittings, plates and rolled metal products. Our products meet requirements of international standards API, ASTM, EN, DIN, UNI, BS, JIS, SAE, MILN.

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